Spring Summer 2016/2017 – William Dangar

I love spring. It’s a time of new growth, energy, and getting out into the garden. It’s also the time of year when I’m most asked about upcoming outdoor trends. I’m not one for fads – I much prefer to focus on timeless design, high quality construction, and great outcomes. However, there’s a few key elements I’ve noticed in conversations with my design clients, on recent overseas trips, and in conversations with other design professionals that I think will affect outdoor living over the next season.

Looking ahead, I believe my design clients will be more and more concerned with sustainability and stronger connections to nature. As cities get denser, people are craving the wild beauty of the natural world more and more, and want their outdoor spaced to reflect this. This means that gardens will look more naturalistic and less manicured – less hedges, more grasses and perennials. We’ll start seeing native and exotic plants used interchangeably within designs, and a leaning towards raw, natural materials.

This desire for sustainability and connection will also be reflected in outdoor furniture choices. Honest, highly crafted, and locally made furniture will take precedence over mass market imports.

Our clients and their families will continue to spend as much time as possible in their gardens – this trend will never fade! Incorporating different activities into gardens will remain strong and people will require different zones for lounging, eating, entertaining, playing etcetera. Fire pits, lights, and music will remain as important as ever.

At Robert Plumb, we’re finding hotels and restaurants are increasingly incorporating plants and gardens into their interior and exterior spaces. Outdoor spaces are no longer an afterthought, but a strong selling point of an establishment. We’ve found a strong demand for our custom made furniture, built to withstand tough Australian outdoor conditions and high usage in such commercial environments.

Spring/Summer 2016 is gearing up to be a huge season for us. With a new product range just about to launch, we’ve got lots of exciting news up our sleeve. Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about outdoor furniture selection or sign up to our email newsletter to ensure you’re in the know regarding all new products and outdoor trend updates.