Dexus Place

Project: Dexus Place
Type: Commercial
Refurbishment & Custom Furniture
Dangar Barin Smith
Photography: Chris Warnes

Dexus Place is a co-working space in Sydney’s CBD, on the 15th floor of the Governor Macquarie Tower. The brief for the project was to create a versatile outdoor terrace that could be used by Dexus Place clients to relax between meetings or for third-party corporate events and private cocktail parties.

On a practical level the uncovered and exposed site needed fittings that would not absorb and retain excessive heat, and furniture and plants that were weather resistant and durable. A long, L-shaped timber couch which lines one side of the terrace was custom-made for the site and planters were installed along another side.

We also designed the four stone-topped servery bars on wheels - two of which include covered sinks - which can be moved around the space during events. Our custom-built timber furniture contrasts with the Tait metal bar tables, high stools and low-slung bench stools to create the perfect rooftop space.


Dexus Place