Paddo Pool Terrace by Luigi Rosselli Architects with interior design by Handelsmann & Khaw

Paddo Pool Terrace by Luigi Rosselli Architects with interior design by Handelsmann & Khaw

“Reimagining this handsome Paddington Terrace, Luigi Rosselli Architects sought to introduce as much light as possible to the interior of the house, as terraces can tend to be quite dark due to their party walls. The solution to this was to create a two-storey high atrium with glass roof, inserted between the party wall and the ‘lean to’ wing.

The atrium allows the vertical multi-generational family to communicate easily with each other and provides a bright and luminous living/dining and kitchen hub to meet in. Beyond the atrium, the house opens out to a generous garden, designed by Dangar Barin Smith in an arboreal and lush style reminiscent of a painting by Henri (Le Douanier) Rousseau. There are no tigers hidden within the garden, instead there is a giant egg in the form of a swimming pool. The swimming pool is a symbol of our post- industrial society, a hymn to leisure, and it replaces the original and long-lost coaching house and stables.


Dune center chair from Swisspearl, $1,740.

Finally with the help of Handelsmann + Khaw, under the direction of Tania Handelsmann, Jane McNeill of Luigi Rosselli Architects worked to blend the beautiful original finishes and materials, now over 150 years old, with high-quality contemporary additions such as the joinery, wall finishes, and stone floors.

The Pool Terrace can be read as proof that the ancient typology of the row house can adapt and evolve and endure over time without losing its history.” Luigi Rosselli Architects.

From left: Kyoto pots D900 H700mm, Willy Guhl Loop chair, Dune low table and chairs, Porto side table and low table. All from Swisspearl.

A range of pieces from the Swisspearl Collection were chosen by Tania Handelsmann for their sculptural qualities, their lightweight organic forms adding a simple gesture to the lush poolside setting and adding a pleasing counterpoint to on the terrace where the undulating Dune sofa and iconic Willy Guhl Loop chair, makes a contemporary statement against the backdrop of the classic heritage terrace.

From left: Dune modular sofa and low table, Porto low table and side table, Willy Guhl Loop chair and Kyoto pots.All from Swisspearl.

"The materiality of the Swisspearl pieces blend artfully with the limestone flooring so as not to distract from the heritage architecture and lush green landscape, while their curvaceous shapes echo the lines of the pool and garden bed, and are also a subtle nod to the pop art and furniture that the client favoured, " says Tania.

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

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From top left: Porto side table $450, Porto low table, $590, Kyoto pot, from $330 (D350 H360mm), Willy Guhl Loop chair, $1,730, Dune left, center and right chair, $1,740 each.