Tammy Kanat: An interview

At Robert Plumb we love working with local artists and craftspeople to create truly unique and beautifully designed products.

Our most recent collaboration is with Melbourne based artist and weaver Tammy Kanat. Tammy is an incredibly talented woman, and it’s been a joy working with her to create a series of woven outdoor products for Robert Plumb. We recently caught up with Tammy to find out more about her creative process and her background.



When you meet someone at a party and they ask you what you do, what do you say?


I tell them I’m an artist. Tapestry weaving is my main passion.



Can you please tell us a little about how you ended up weaving? 


We were renovating our house and I came across a tapestry weaving I fell in love with. It was from overseas and the only way I was going to get a similar one was to make my own. So I enrolled in a tapestry course, asked my husband to build me a loom, went to the wool shop to get some wool and I just started weaving. I had soon made my first tapestry. The process and tradition of tapestry weaving just connected with me and I went on to create many more tapestries and other products.



What do you like most about it?


It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to create work that people appreciate and enjoy. I love the slow, meditative process of weaving. The colours, shapes and textures I can explore in my work are limitless. I let my pieces evolve organically – each design is unique and exciting to create. For me, weaving is a very intuitive and natural process.

How does nature influence your creative process?


I am constantly intrigued by nature. It’s overflowing with ideas and creative stimulus. The shapes of leaves, the colours of flowers, the changing landscape – I am in awe! My tapestry studio looks over my garden – it’s a constant inspiration.



How did the collaboration with Robert Plumb come about?


I was commissioned to create a tapestry for Robert Plumb creative director William Dangar, which I was super excited about. We then struck up a friendship and connected – we are both very enthusiastic about working on new ideas and creating beautiful things. I worked on several product ideas until we found the right match for Robert Plumb.



Can you please tell us about the products you have created for Robert Plumb? 


I wanted to create some unique and practical designs for Robert Plumb. It was important to me that the pieces had a handmade touch, that they were like a piece of art for the garden. The range includes a hanging planter, a woven rope stool, and a hammock. The Australian made rope I use for the products is really high quality and beautiful to work with. I think we ended up with an amazing collection of products.


Do you weave all the products yourself or do you have helpers? 


My helper is my husband. Lucky he loves creating and making too! The weekends are often all about weaving hammocks and stools – our children think we are a little unusual but their friends think we’re kind of cool!



Do you have a favourite Robert Plumb x Tammy Kanat product? 


My favourite product is the ropey stools – they take a lot of time to make and are very solid pieces, yet the end result is very textural and organic. I love moving my stools around our garden – we use them as seats, or as small tables for a glass of wine and some nibbles.



What’s your dream creative project?


An outdoor tapestry would be insane. I love the way it would change and evolve with the outdoor elements. I’m still working out what the best materials to use would be. I think a very organic piece

could look beautiful in the garden – a work that blends in yet adds a point of interest to the landscape.



What’s next?


To continue working and playing with ideas. I often find the best designs come from me needing or wanting something I can’t find in the marketplace. When I can’t let the idea go, that’s when I decide I’ll make it! The response to the pieces I have created so far for Robert Plumb has been really positive, so I hope I can keep my creative juices flowing and create more unique outdoor designs.



Check out Tammy Kanat’s Instagram for more weaving inspiration.