Robert Plumb Tables: The Nuts and Bolts

“The great thing about the Robert Plumb tables is their simple and timeless design” – Bill Clifton

“They’ll last forever, both in an aesthetic sense and construction wise. They’re incredibly robust” says Robert Plumb managing director Bill Clifton.


Bill and the Robert Plumb team have been making tables, chairs, benches and outdoor accessories in their Botany factory for many years now. Their bestselling table is the Chunky Table, a timeless design with a little bit of chunk. It’s also Bill’s favourite.


The Chunky is robust, geometric and classic in its design, and offers the perfect dining solution for any occasion. Crafted from New Guinean Rosewood, the timber table top sits flush with the legs for a clean finish.

“There’s a lot of tables on the market that are quite similar to our tables, particularly the Chunky,” Bill says. “One of the things that makes ours different is the timber sizes we use. All our table tops are 33mm thick. Other tables are quite often only 19mm or 25mm. Thinner timber is more susceptible to cracking and warping – It’s just not as solid. You can dance on our Robert Plumb tables all night long!”

So, how are the Robert Plumb tables put together, and what makes them so durable and strong? This comes down to three key elements:


Timber Type: The Robert Plumb team only use New Guinean Rosewood in their furniture. It’s a very stable and extremely durable hardwood. It’s also incredibly low maintenance – Bill suggests not oiling Robert Plumb tables but letting them weather to a silver grey.


Section Sizes: Robert Plumb tables are chunky not only in name, but also in nature. They’re built using 90x90mm timber sections for legs and 70x42mm rails to support the table top. “This is a much heavier gauge than what’s normally used,” Bill says. “We do this purely for strength – We don’t want Robert Plumb tables sagging or failing.”

Joints and Hardware: Robert Plumb also uses a domino system to put the table together – a domino joint is essentially a modern version of a mortice and tennon joint. In addition to the domino, the legs are screwed into the rails on each corner, with the screw concealed by a timber plug – a neat, elegant, and super strong joining solution. “As a result of my building construction background, we tend to over-engineer things,” Bill says. “When our furniture maker started with us he told me we were mad for using such heavy duty hardware. Whilst it costs us a bit more, it certainly gives us peace of mind that our tables are going to last.”


Robert Plumb tables are the perfect solution for outdoor spaces where design, durability (and table top dancing!) are of paramount concern. Shop the range now.