Ribbon Side Table



The Ribbon Side Table is the natural addition to a setting of Ribbon outdoor seating but works well in other contexts as a stand-alone addition to your existing outdoor furniture. The neat little table features across base with a top offered in a variety of natural stones, terrazzo, porcelain tile or slatted wood tops.

Made from 50mm wide strips of powder coated 304 grade stainless steel like all of the Ribbon range, the Ribbon Side Table is offered with options of 6/9/12/20mm porcelain tile, 20mm natural stone, Fibbonacci Terrazzo or an 18mm thick wooden slatted top.

The porcelain tile options are from leaders in the field: Artetech, Maximum and Laminam while the terrazzo is from Fibonnacci in two very different colourways: Ghosted - a concrete and small river pebble look or Pavlova - a fashionable blush pink terrazzo with larger marble chips.

The Ribbon Side Table is available in one size D400 x H450 with the frame available in our standard range of matt and satin powder coats from Dulux plus textured powder coats from the Interpon range.

Design and made in Sydney, Australia from locally sourced stainless steel and imported porcelain tile and stone.


Availability Made to order
Lead time 6-8 weeks
Dimensions D 400mm H 450mm