Maison Balzac Candles



Maison Balzac was started in 2012 by Elise Pioch, a French designer based in Sydney. Starting out with just a couple of handmade candles created to imbue the sights and scents of her childhood in France, the company has gone on to collaborate with several artists, florists and even gastronomic gelato makers (Messina) to craft exquisite scented candles made from 300grams of 100% soy wax steeped with essential oils. The candles use cotton double wicks and last for and average of 70 hours for the large candles while the mini candles are 55 grams of Soy wax and  have an approximate burn time of 18 hours.

Robert Plumb stocks a range of 6 candles from the Maison Balzac collection plus 3 candles that are the result of a collaboration with well known Sydney florist Doctor Cooper.


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Dimension D 80mm H 100mm