Bodalla pot



The Bodalla pots by Dean Batten are wheel thrown in stoneware and glazed in a copper oxide rich glaze that produces a beautifully matt and organic finish. This range is available in three basic colour groups:

Charcoal Green, Golden Green and Green Green. The names are chosen to highlight the dominant colour while all three have an underlying green element. Copper oxide glazes tend to deliver different colours depending on the thickness of the pot, the position in the kiln and the amount of oxygen available during the firing.  Each Bodalla pot is unique and will have a varying distribution of the dominant colour. We see this as the beauty of this particular glaze and clay body combination rather than any sort of fault. 

The pots come with a drip tray in the same diameter and colour as the pot. Three sizes are available 300ø x 250mm high, 240ø x 200mm high and 180ø x 180mm high

Australian designed and hand made by Dean Batten and Cameron Williams.


Availability Made to order
Lead time  8-10 weeks
Finish Glazed