Fire Pits by Robert Plumb

At Robert Plumb we’re all about embracing the cooler months and continuing to make the most of our outdoor spaces.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by installing an open fire pit in your garden or terrace, adding some chairs, benches or stools and turning chilly days and evenings into magical winter outdoor moments. The inspiration for our earliest fire pits comes from the agricultural machinery that William Dangar was familiar with, growing up on a farm. He and his family would often use humble plough discs for barbecues and fire pits.
He designed his first fire pit – the Brad – for a landscape design client in 2004. “The design process was quite simple,” says William. “I basically up-scaled a plough disc, made it chunkier and added legs.” He photographed the design project and used the imagery in presentations and the fire pit received a great deal of interest. When he conceived Robert Plumb several years later, he decided to add it – and the Angelina, which has become our bestseller – to the product range.
Brad and Angelina
Brad and Ange are both constructed out of 10mm mild steel. Strong and masculine, Brad has three rounded supporting feet adding to his overall good looks and distinctive silhouette, while Angelina, with her clean lines, is effortlessly elegant. As versatile as their Hollywood namesakes, Brad and Angelina can also be used as low rustic planters when you’re not needing fires.
The Molly (Mel)Drum
Another popular fire pit is the Molly Mel(Drum), which is shaped like a deep circular drum. It is constructed from 5mm mild steel, perforated at the base. With the addition of a New Guinean Rosewood top (sold separately), it can also be used as a rustic planter or coffee table.
Leaving the simple barbecue far behind, our Bollyhood tandoor oven is one of our most unique products, designed by Cameron Williams Pottery for Robert Plumb using the same principles as a traditional wood-fired ceramic tandoor which have been widely used for more than 5000 years. We added accessories including a pizza hood cooker, a pizza stone base and a tagine for wet and dry curries and paella.
Clients who invest in the Bollyhood receive detailed user instructions and a booklet of recipes created by James Viles chef and owner of multi-award winning NSW restaurant Biota Dining.