Swisspearl, including iconic Willy Guhl designs, comes to Robert Plumb

Swisspearl, including iconic Willy Guhl designs, comes to Robert Plumb

Robert Plumb is extremely excited to share images of our latest international brand Swisspearl. Based in Niederurnen and Payerne in Switzerland, the brand excels in making accurately formed objects in cement, producing outdoor furniture and planters from small-scale balcony-sized items to massive 1.5 meter diameter pots for large plants and small trees. The brand is particularly famous for a collection of pieces by Swiss industrial designer Willy Guhl first launched in the 1950’s including the Loop chair shown above.

Willy Guhl Spindel

Willy Guhl was also responsible for the tall planter (above) known as Spindel. Its shape is unique in the planter world taking its queue from the shape of the hourglass. The planter was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s where it’s sculptural shape contrasted beautifully with much of the modern architecture with its concentration on flat roofs, horizontal planes and cantilevered structures. These original pieces are now collectors’ items and sold through auction houses and high-end vintage stores. The planters, like the furniture, are all made in Switzerland from a mixture of Portland cement, air, water and a synthetic fibre reinforcing material. The resulting forms are very finely cast resulting in precise thin walls and low weight while remaining strong.

Sumo Pot

Swisspearl planters and outdoor furniture pieces are highly resistant to full-time sun and rain exposure and are also resistant to fire and frost. Shown above is the Willy Guhl Spindel and the Sumo pot designed by Michel Bruggman, being used both outdoors and indoors. The soft grey tone of the Swisspearl pieces work extremely well with contemporary white interiors and outside with concrete buildings.

Bonsai by Patrick Schöni

The range of shapes available from Swisspearl include low dish-shaped forms like Bonsai by Patrick Schöni (shown above) which comes in three sizes from 112cm – 160cm across. Combining low planters with taller ones into groups allows the creation of a micro planted landscape, in the same way that variations in architecture create interesting skylines in cities. Keeping the pots in the one tone ensures the different shapes work together in a naturally coherent way.

Dune Modular Sofa

Outdoor furniture is also a part of the Swisspearl offering. The Dune modular sofa shown above is a contemporary design by Rainer Mutsch. In front of the undulating curves of the sofa is the Porto table – a round table with tapering sides that comes in two sizes; 71cm and 43cm diameter, both being 23cm high.

Two sizes of Swisspearl Sumo pots and a Willy Guhl Spindel nestled in a lush, tropical garden. The neutral light grey tone of Swisspearl’s planters allow the plants and architecture to be the heroes. The Swisspearl range includes both the soft, rounded shapes shown in these photographs along with more angular trough planters, low tables and modular shelving that provide a harder, contemporary edge.