Introducing Spanish Brand OISIDE

Introducing Spanish Brand OISIDE

Here at Robert Plumb we are delighted to say Hola! to Spanish brand OISIDE (pronounced Oye-side) and welcome them to the Robert Plumb family. Even on a global level it is not easy to find products that suit our combined standards of aesthetics and functionality, durability and a sustainable mindset.

We feel very fortunate therefore to be able to represent OISIDE, exclusively here in Australia, and bring this innovative, cleverly detailed product to the attention of our customers.


With 20 years in the industry family-owned and run brand OISIDE is located in Valencia on the south-eastern coast of Spain. With their Mediterranean environment and lifestyle they understand the appeal of life outdoors – on terraces, in courtyards in public squares and private gardens. They also appreciate the necessity for durable furniture that is both contemporary and timeless, well-designed and constructed, and shows a respect for the environment in how it is manufactured.

OISIDE sees it like this, “We represent a re-imagined version of the Mediterranean tradition conceived from a contemporary, international designer viewpoint.”



OISIDE have researched finishes and innovative systems that allow them to offer superior quality and durability in outdoor settings with regards to sun exposure, humidity, and corrosive environments. Their determination to use only the best materials both for the structural elements as well as the upholstery forms part of the commitment to sustainable practices: hard wearing furniture that avoids unnecessary waste and the over-consumption of finite resources.



BEAM: Francesc Rifé from Francesc Rifé Studio, is a prolific and respected designer of interior projects as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. He has produced three collections for OISIDE – Beam, Drums and Penda. Beam (above) is a lean architectural collection of furniture in Iroko (African teak) with a discreet and elegant style. Robert Plumb has chosen the Beam sofa, lounge chair and coffee table to showcase the quality and comfort of the design with its balance of structured framing and generous cushioning.

DRUMS: In playful mode Francesc Rifé has created a versatile series of coffee and side tables with strong geometric forms and a range of colour and finish options to suit any outdoor setting. Choose from a tabletop in aluminium, Iroko timber or a large-format porcelain, combine with a powder-coated base and chose the height and diameter to suit your space.

PENDA is Francesc Rifé’s most sophisticated and resolved collection combining an attractive mix of materials with confidence and style; aluminium, Iroko timber and upholstery with an emphasis on comfort. The imperceptible and perfectly executed joints are the result of the latest mechanised technology, while the armchairs and sofas include a corded backing structure, woven by hand, to offer a resolved view from any angle.

TWIST is a successful and longstanding OISIDE range of seating and tables by Mark Gabbertas of Gabbertas Studio.To ensure a visual lightness, this contemporary revision of corded furniture uses innovative materials in the hand-crafted, basket-like structure as the main element of this collection. Meticulously designed with comfort and durability as its core characteristic the tubular aluminium frame ensures it is light and movable. The series of tables in various sizes and heights use the principle of raising a thin table surface off the frame to create a refined profile.

The Nº12 Collection was created by local designer Jorge Herrera Studio, also based in Valencia. The range gives the attributes of traditional wicker furniture a contemporary makeover with an elegant combination of tubular aluminium profiles and wire rods. The framework of the Nº12 seating collection is designed with a curvature that adapts to the human form and the carefully calibrated distance between the wire rods is designed to provide ergonomic comfort. In this collection there are sofas, sun loungers, dining tables and chairs and a number of side and coffee tables.

OIPOTS: Designed by OISIDE Design Studio Oipots are a collection of planters including square, rectangular and rounded models. The different dimensions, formats, and colour options allow for the creation of grouped configurations with varying rhythms. Beyond their practical application as planters this is a collection that can also define different areas and structure outdoor spaces, creating paths, hinting at circulation routes or marking boundaries.

The collections are now in-store - please come and see them for yourself.