2017 Trend: Indoor Gardening

A few years back it was all about taking the indoors out, but in 2017 it’s all about bringing the outdoors in.

Indoor gardening hasn’t been so hip since the 1970’s. With increasing evidence pointing to the health benefits of indoor plants – including cleaning toxins from the air and general human wellbeing – now is the time to green your home.


We like to keep things simple and timeless at Robert Plumb, and recommend if you are going to start growing plants indoors, it’s good to start with a couple of large statement pot and plant combinations, rather than lots of small bits and pieces. Here are a couple of pot + plant ideas to get you started:


Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa) in Bondi Pot.


The Bondi is a cylindrical hand-thrown terracotta pot handmade to order by local Australian ceramicist. The colour and glaze are both customisable, meaning you’ll be able to match the pot with your indoor colour scheme beautifully.


Monstera is a tough as nails plant that grows well indoors as well as in dark shady spots outside. It will naturally get quite large, but will be less vigorous when kept contained indoors.

Mistletoe cactus (Lepismium houlletianum) in Tammy Kanat Hanging Planter


Hanging planters are a great addition to an indoor space as they don’t take up precious bench and/or floor space. This hanging planter is handmade in Melbourne by weaver and fibre artist Tammy Kanat , and inspired by classic Danish modernist design. The hanger is made from marine grade polyester rope and is UV stable – perfect for both outdoors and in.



Leplismium is a sculptural hanging plant originating from subtropical forests in South America. It tolerates shade and dry conditions, making it a great indoor plant.


One thing that’s best kept outdoors is dirt and grime from shoes. Keep your indoor floors clean with the Robert Plumb Maude Indoor Doormat. This coir mat is enclosed in a stainless steel frame and can either be integrated into a new floor or fixed to an existing one.