Winter is loosening its grip, the trees are preparing to burst into blossom and the weather is warming up. Spring, with its abundant energy and new life, is on its way! Whether you’re a keen gardener or budding novice now is the time to start preparing your outdoor space for the warmer months. Adam Thompson, horticulturalist at William Dangar’s garden maintenance company, Cutting Hedge shares his tips for spring garden preparation.

Love your Lawn

Ensure your lawn is lush and inviting this spring by feeding it with liquid organic fertilizer and deep watering as required. Apply a quality time-release fertilizer now too, to keep your lawn looking good over spring and summer.

Save your Soil

If you are thinking about planting out a new garden bed in spring, improve your soil first by digging in organic matter such as compost or cow manure. Organic matter is essential for healthy soil – it improves soil structure, increases microbial activity and nutrient levels, and boosts water-holding capacity.

Prune and Pot

Now is the time to prune winter flowering plants. It’s also a good time to repot root-bound plants in your pots and planters with fresh potting mix. Repot plants every year for optimum health, and don’t forget to feed with controlled release fertilizer.

Grow your Own

Now is the time to start planting herb and vegetable seedlings such as tomatos, basil, and other spring/summer crops. Keep a close eye on your new plants for pests – snails love seedlings! A good way to lure snails away from your seedlings is by putting a saucer of cheap beer near them in the garden – the snails will get drunk and drown.

Timber furniture maintenance

Most of our Robert Plumb timber products are constructed with New Guinea Rosewood. Like any timber, they’re affected by natural weathering when exposed to the environment and will turn silver if not treated. Applying a penetrating timber oil every six to eight weeks will help retain the original colour of the timber. We recommend brands such as Feast Watson Clear Outdoor Furniture Oil.

Another consideration with outdoor timber furniture is leaching. This occurs naturally in all timber products and can cause light staining on the surface the timber is placed on. Surfaces affected by leaching can be cleaned with bleach or other cleaning products containing oxalic acid.

Finishing Touches

Outdoor living has come a long way in the last decade – nowadays there’s great outdoor furniture solutions for all spaces. Consider how you want to use your outdoor space and invest in high quality furniture and accessories to ensure your garden is as comfortable and functional as possible. If you’ve got the room, an area for quiet lounging separate to the main entertaining area is always inviting, as is a fire pit surrounded by a casual stools for a cool spring or autumn gathering.